Premier of the documentary film, Love Icon Show, documenting the development, presentation and repercussions of Wolfram Alderson's 3-day art show that premiered at Spark Arts in July 2017.

All the art is based on a sci-fi epic Wolfram is writing, called Pupazzo Universo (Puppet Universe). Film makers William Moeller and Edgar Espino Barros have been working on the project over the past year.

The event will be held Sunday, August 26, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at Spark Arts in the Castro in San Francisco. Film starts at 4:00pm sharp. Free admission.

Premier attendees will also be able to view Wolfram's current show at Spark Arts, puppet of love, which features new illuminated works as well as pieces from the Love Icon Show - all in the dark!

Last night of the show - gallery open until 6:00pm.