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Live Laugh Love Life Coaching: Redefining Men's Health: Unleash a Healthier You (Men Only)

Do you want to master your health? 

The Redefining Men’s Health series takes men on a journey toward feeling better physically and building healthier relationships (with others AND yourself). Let's face it: being a man in our society comes with seemingly paradoxical expectations. Does it feel like you're expected to be independent AND be emotionally available? Work hard to provide AND find quality time for friends and family? Oh, and somewhere in the middle of managing all of that, be physically healthy. How does anyone ever manage all this?

Come to the Unleash a Healthier You workshop to be part of a supportive community of men who are all in the same boat--trying to live healthier, happier lives. Speaker John Ellis--acupuncturist, massage therapist and trainer--will share important information about how to feel better in your own body. Workshop leader Ryan Cole--therapist intern and Relationship Coach with LLLLCoaching--will provide a hopeful and empowering message about healthier relationships, and lead an engaging group dialogue and discussion. And to make it fun you'll get to move around and learn easy exercises that help your body feel good. Participants will leave with 3 things they can immediately do to improve their relationships as well as a new morning exercise to start the day right.


Top reasons to attend this workshop:

  1. Spend a few hours with other men who care about their physical and emotional health

  2. Get insights from a physical fitness expert and a relationship coach

  3. A little fun and camraderie on a Thursday night in the company of other good men


Light refreshments will be provided. Please arrive in something you can move around in.

As always, active members of Live Laugh Life Coaching are admitted at no charge.



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