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Poetry Bites: "May Day May Day" - Open Mic with Rob Nilsson

Thursday May 17

7-9 PM

Poetry Bites

Poetry as an entry point to deeper connections with yourself and others sparking conversations that matter.

A monthly gathering of community, spoken word, good food and art!

Barbara Piper reads from her poetry collections and invites people into the conversation. Much of her poems are a conversation between herself and the different parts of her Jewish, German, English, and Dutch heritage. She also ventures into more recent work around being brave and moving away from those family ties to moving into a new way of being. By holding the conversation lightly, deeper connections and new insights are woven into the evening with ease.

‘May Day May Day’ – May 2018

Open Mic with Rob Nilsson

Throughout May, published poet and painter, and well-known filmmaker, Rob Nilsson is on display at Spark Arts.

For the May Poetry Bites, we will collaborate and present some of our poetry together and open the floor to poets alike. Please feel welcome and share your works!

Poetry Bites this month is all about ‘the Film of your life’.

Have you ever had that feeling that life is like a flash of light? A falling star? Swoosh! And suddenly you look up and a big chunk of life had already come to pass? During this event, I will be reading from some work around big life events that came and went. And we will venture into conversation about how looking over that proverbial shoulder can help you take that next step into a new venture.

 Self Portrait by Rob Nilsson

Self Portrait by Rob Nilsson

Poetry Bites
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