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Concert Series: The Painted Tree

Spark Arts is kicking off our latest monthly series offering with San Francisco's The Painted Tree. In the coming months, we'll be working with local bands to bring shows to the Castro that allow the band to engage with the community in an affordable fun show!

The Painted Tree's vision of folk/rock is a testament to the potential depth of the words that we all use. The music blends intricate finger-picking melodies with a kind of poetry that taps into something universal, and gives a voice to what often goes unsaid. The strong sense of dynamic, both musically and lyrically, guide the listener though the ups and downs of the human experience. 

Tara Alkadiry-Ukelele, Vocals
Joshua Covell-Guitar, Vocals
Jonathan Musselman-Guitar
Bradford Rose-Drums
Eugene Theriault-Bass

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