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Live Laugh Love Life Coaching Workshop: Transforming the Inner Critic

Transforming the Inner Critic

Craving being part of a playful and open hearted community of kickass women? Come be in good company at the quarterly women’s workshop. September’s workshop will focus on:

  • How to become fountains rather than waterfalls and start effective self-care practises.
  • Learn what an Interdependent Relationship looks like and how to find satisfying partnerships and transform intimate relationships.
  • Discover your true essence, and begin to have a loving relationship with yourself 

All while being supported by other lovely women, in a cozy and playful environment. It is a privilege to be in your company and I feel honored to be co-leading this workshop with the lovely Melissa Maher

Please feel free to bring your favorite cushion or backjack.

Yummy hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be served.

To learn more about this workshop and to purchase your tickets, visit Live Laugh Love Life Coaching.