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Poetry Bites: Finding Your Voice

Poetry Bites

Poetry as an entry point to deeper connections with yourself and others sparking conversations that matter.

A monthly gathering of community, spoken word, good food and art!

Barbara Piper reads from her poetry collections and invites people into the conversation. Much of her poems are a conversation between herself and the different parts of her Jewish, German, English, and Dutch heritage. She also ventures into more recent work around being brave and moving away from those family ties to moving into a new way of being. By holding the conversation lightly, deeper connections and new insights are woven into the evening with ease.

Finding Your Voice  - April 2018

An evening amidst Ronit Hendel's paintings and an evening where Aviva's food bites will nurture us while I read poetry and open up discussion to the group about Finding your voice. Ronit's paintings inspire us to keep looking for our own voice. And how losing your voice can turn into something positive and open yourself up to a new world and form of expression.

Rooster by Ronit Hendel

Artist Bio

Barbara Piper is a poet and life coach. During her poetry salons, she combines the art of words with personal development, using art as an entry point to inner dialogue followed by conversations that matter. This unique approach has touched the hearts of her listeners. Barbara’s words give food for thought and are aimed at bringing contemplation, (self)-compassion, and silence in a light way. Words that touch the heart move conversations.

Barbara enjoyed an international childhood. Life ever since has revolved around travel and living abroad in both Europe, Asia, and the US. Home is The Netherlands, but for now home is with her family in San Francisco.

Barbara earned a Master of Arts in Communication and has had a diverse career. She started out in the corporate sphere and, after ten years, she moved into health care and ran her own health care facilities. She has written prose and poetry for as long as she can remember, and it was only after moving to San Francisco that she decided to share her work.


“So grateful for this group. I appreciate the gentle curiosity your work brings to exploring both the unknowns and the knowns.”

“I have been to many poetry events but you have a way to bring positivity to the room. Talking about deep feelings and dark places. Like the seaweeds we go into and you bring it to the surface and light. It isn’t heavy but light. “

“I celebrate you Barbara- you open many windows to the fresh air of the world. We all walk away lighter than when we came. Thanks for lightning our load and giving us more air to breath.”

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